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A color coated sheet for bathing.

The surface of the color coated building is easily affected by weather, resulting in dust on the surface. Because of its complex shape and high distance from the ground, it is very difficult to clean and maintain. Many company leaders, in order to improve the company’s appearance, spare no expense in hiring professional cleaners for […]

Characteristics of color steel plate

The advantage of colored steel plate has been recognized and relied on by builders. In order to let more people understand the characteristics of colored steel plate introduced here, we hope to have a new understanding and understanding, so that more people can profit. Color steel plate characteristics 1. High toughness Many buildings choose veneer […]

Color steel plates have different series. How many do you know?

Color steel plate is popular because it has many advantages and uses, its wide application makes people have to pay attention to the market demand and changes, looking forward to more prominent advantages in performance, more applications. Different series and different uses show that its own structure is different, there are many kinds of coatings […]