• Color coated steel coil


Color coated steel coil

The color coated steel coil is a product made of cold rolled steel plate and galvanized steel plate by surface pretreatment (degreasing, cleaning, chemical conversion), continuous coating (roll coating), baking and cooling. Coated steel sheet has light weight, beautiful appearance, good corrosion resistance and can be processed directly. It provides a new raw material for construction, shipbuilding, vehicle manufacturing, household electrical appliances, electrical industry, etc. It has played a good role in replacing wood with steel, efficient construction, energy saving, pollution prevention and other good results.

Color coated steel coil parameters

Commodity color coated steel coil
Standard GB, ASTM,
Technology Hot rolled/cold rolled
Thickness 0.12-4.5mm
Length As requirements
Width 600-1200mm
Tolerance +/-0.01mm
Coating ≤275g/m2
Spangle No spangle, mini spangle, regular spangle
Color RAL Color or as your requirements
Hardness Soft-full hard
Coil weight 3-8MT or customized

Color coated steel coil process

Unwinding, suturing, degreasing, chemical pretreatment, initial coating, initial coating, baking, initial coating, cooling, finishing, finishing, baking, finishing, cooling, inspection, inspection, and winding.

The main production processes of the color coating unit include pretreatment process, coating process and baking process.

The pretreatment process is mainly a process of pretreating a film by cleaning the surface of the substrate to remove impurities and oils, and performing composite oxidation and passivation treatment. Pretreatment of the membrane is an effective means of increasing the bonding force between the substrate and the coating.

The coating process of the color coating unit is mostly roller coating. Roll coating is a coating method in which a coating roll is used to bring a coating material in a lacquering plate to a coating roll, a wet film of a certain thickness is formed on the coating roll, and then the wet film is transferred to the surface of the steel strip. This method is fast and has high production efficiency; no paint mist is produced, and the coating efficiency is close to 100%; the adjustment of the roller gap, the pressure and the roller rotation speed can achieve the adjustment of the thickness of the coating within a certain range; It is also possible to apply both sides at the same time.

The solidification of the steel surface coating means that the coating passes through the main film-forming substance and the auxiliary film-forming substance and the patterning agent, and undergoes chemical polycondensation, polyaddition, cross-linking and the like under a certain temperature and other conditions, and changes from a liquid state to a solid state. process. The Baosteel color coating unit uses a 5-stage hot air method to indirectly heat the steel plate to promote the rapid solidification of the coating into a film. The solvent precipitated during the nationalization of the coating is discharged after high temperature incineration to avoid environmental pollution.

Color coated steel coil quality control

  • (1)Raw material control

    As the strategic partner and big customer of China’s biggest steel company, Capital Steel Group, we have stable suppliers and high quality raw materials.

  • (2)ISO9001: 2000 certificate

    All of our equipments, production flow, and quality control system have passed ISO9001: 2000 certificate since 1997.

  • (3)Strict product test

    There are 260 employees in our company, including 35 experts with engineer titles. We have 3 test laboratories, 15 quality control commissioners and 11 workshops to ensure the accomplishment of the export orders.

  • (4)Product quality inspection

    The leading end and tail end of every color coated steel coil will be cut off and tested by advanced inspection equipments and the testing samples will be kept in storage till the pc strands of the same lot are used by customers.

Color coated steel coil production video display

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Q: Are you a producer or a trader?

A:We are manufacturers with our own factories and can produce all kinds of products.

Q: Payment method?

A: Advance payment 50% TT or according to customer requirements.

Q: Delivery time?

A: 10 working days after receiving the prepayment.

Q: Can we visit the factory?

A: We welcome customers to visit our company and factory at any time.

Q: Can I get the sample?

A: We offer samples free of charge.

Q: How to maintain our business relationship for a long time and friendliness?

A: We guarantee product quality and provide competitive price support to ensure that products can defeat competitors in the customer market.

Q: How do we get the offer?

A: Please provide detailed specifications and quantity and delivery date, so that we can provide the best quotation right away.

Q: what is the quality of the product?

A: We guarantee that quality products and services, can provide product quality and product component detection certificate, which can be inspecting and sampling for full inspection of ISO certification.

The company participates in the quality control process and follows the ISO quality system. The production department of the first line will follow the requirements of the ISO quality system. The Department will complete the inspection. The sales department will take the final inspection and take photos in the case of the packing. After the customer receives the goods, the department will follow the quality of the goods. If any quality defection, the replacement service will be provided.

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