6 inch corrugated roofing sheets

The 6 inch corrugated roofing sheets are sleek, colorful and rich in panel form, giving the building a new look, combining insulation, heat insulation, ventilation and daylighting.

Technical performance of galvanized steel coil for roofing sheet

1. 6 inch corrugated roofing sheets can be divided into a cold rolled substrate, a hot-dip galvanized substrate, and an electrogalvanized substrate.
2. The corrugated roof panel coating types can be divided into: polyester, silicon modified polyester, partial polyvinylidene fluoride, plastisol.
3. The color can be divided into many types according to user requirements such as orange, milk yellow, deep sky blue, sea blue, blush, brick red, ivory, porcelain blue and so on.
4. The surface state can be divided into a coated plate, an embossed plate, and a printed plate.
5. The market use of color-coated steel sheets is mainly divided into three parts: construction, home appliances and transportation. Among them, the construction sector accounts for the largest proportion, followed by the home appliance industry, and the transportation industry only accounts for a small portion.
Corrugated roof slabs for construction are generally made of hot-dip galvanized steel sheets and hot-dip galvanized steel sheets. They are mainly processed into corrugated sheets or composite sheets with polyurethane, and are used in the construction of steel structures, airports, warehouses, freezer and other industries. The roof, walls and doors of commercial buildings.
Home appliance color plates are generally based on electro-galvanized and cold plates for the production of refrigerators and large air-conditioning systems, freezers, bread machines, and furniture.
The transportation industry generally uses electro-galvanized and cold plates as substrates, and is mainly used for oil sump and automotive interior parts.
6 inch corrugated roofing sheets models: 470, 600, 760, 820, 840, 900, 950, 870, 980, 1000, 1150, 1200, etc.

6 inch corrugated roofing sheets specifications

ColorConventional is sea blue, white ash, blush, etc., special colors need to be customized.
StructureThe upper and lower sides of the sandwich panel are colored coated plates, and the middle is foam, rock wool, glass wool, polyurethane, etc., which are formed by the combination of imported glue processing.
Materialolor coated roll / color coated board, foam, rock wool, polyurethane, etc.
SpecificationThe color coated plate is 0.18-1.2 (mm) thick and the core is 50-200 (mm).
Compressive strengthBending and compression resistance
Fire ratingB3 (flame retardant: melt)

6 inch corrugated roofing sheets features

The corrugated roof panel is quick to install. The composite panel has the characteristics of light weight, splicing installation and free cutting, which determines the simplicity of installation and greatly improves the efficiency and saves the construction period.

The color steel plate is light in weight, and the square meter weight is less than 14kg, which can fully reduce the structural load and reduce the structural cost.

Durable, a variety of studies show that, and more than 40 years of extensive use abroad confirmed: the special coating treated sandwich color steel plate shelf life of 10 to 15 years, after every 10 years spray anti-corrosion coating, plate life up to 35 More than a year.

It has the performance of fireproofing. The surface material and insulation material of the color composite sandwich panel are non-combustible materials, which can fully meet the requirements of fire protection specifications.

The appearance is beautiful, the clear lines of the profiled steel plate can be up to dozens of colors, and the matching needs of any style building, to achieve satisfactory results.

Thermal insulation, the composite board commonly used insulation materials are: polystyrene, rock wool, fiberglass cotton, polyurethane, etc., these materials have low thermal conductivity. Therefore, it is widely used in modern architectural decoration.

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