Corrugated metal roofing sheets

Since the material of corrugated metal roof panels is a color steel plate, it is both a retaining structure and a load-bearing structure. It is more loaded than the color plate used only for the envelope structure, so the service life of the color steel plate is determined. The useful life of this structure. The plate and the plate of the metal roof are integrally formed by mutual engagement, and the entire roof has no holes, but the root plate is connected with the embedded piece by the self-tapping snail at the root, and the root of the roof structure is the worst environment. Therefore, the quality of the root processing is a key factor in determining the age of the structure.

Corrugated metal roof panels are the most prone quality problems in use

In engineering, the most common quality problems are the top and bottom:
The design of the lower structure is much simpler than the traditional structure. According to the supporting force calculated by the superstructure, the lower ring beam, column and foundation are designed, and the whole structure can be simplified into a series of statically determined members for calculation. The column is designed according to the hanging column, the foundation is designed as an eccentric independent foundation, and the column top ring beam belongs to a bending and torsion member. The gable column of the gable can be designed in the usual way. However, because many designers are unfamiliar with this structure, the load combination is unreasonable when designing, and the horizontal thrust calculation is wrong, which adversely affects the substructure and foundation, and even destroys.
The lower beam and column material can be reinforced concrete or steel. Because the upper structure has a horizontal reaction force to the lower part, the lower column belongs to the compression-bending member. When the steel structure is selected, the rigidity and stability become the control factors for the section selection, which is not conducive to the strength of the steel. Therefore, the steel structure with the lower part has no reinforced concrete structure economy. .
The roof is generally unstable. Because the mechanism of the structure is relatively complicated, the analysis and calculation of this structure at home and abroad are generally in accordance with the rules. The model is simple and the calculation is simple. Therefore, many units in China adopt this calculation theory. However, practice shows that the results obtained by this method are very different from the actual ones. In practice, many engineering accidents also indicate that this structure is designed according to the plane arch theory, and the result is unsafe. According to the theory of space shell finite element and spline finite strip, the static and dynamic analysis of the structure is carried out. From the perspective of theoretical analysis, the results obtained by this method are the most close to reality, and the structure is in different conditions. The mechanical properties under analysis are also the most thorough. Combined with the test, this method is easy to come to meet the actual results of the project. However, because this method is inconvenient in theory and in computer implementation, it is difficult to be accepted by the majority of engineering and technical personnel, so it has not been promoted.
In addition, the stability of the roof is also related to the quality of the construction. If the occlusion between the arches is not strong, the roof will be unstable.

· Fire prevention

For steel structures, fire protection is one of the most concerned issues. The fire will cause stress redistribution of the steel structure, which in turn will lose the bearing capacity and cause structural damage. Therefore, the design of the structure must be carried out in strict accordance with the building fire code, but this will bring about the problem of increased cost, the problem of bonding with insulation materials, construction process and process problems.

· Insulation


At present, the insulation of the metal arched corrugated roof structure generally adopts polyaminophenol. The thermal insulation performance of polyurethane is top-notch in all kinds of building materials and can meet various insulation requirements. In addition, the construction of the thermal insulation material is simple, the density of the polyurethane wood is small (50 kg / cubic), and the adhesion is large. Therefore, the thermal insulation layer is foamed in the field, no other adhesive is needed, and the construction speed is fast. However, the polyurethane fireproof material has poor fireproof performance, and some areas in China restrict its application in buildings. At present, some units in China are stepping up the development of new fireproof and thermal insulation materials, and great progress has been made. Therefore, the perfect solution to the problem of metal arched corrugated roof insulation depends on the advent of new insulation materials.

· Ventilation


Ventilation of metal arched corrugated roof structures can generally be provided with fans on the side walls, supplemented by doors and windows. If the requirements are still not met, a natural vent or ventilator can be placed on the roof. According to the principle of airflow, the position of the vents and ventilators should be located in the span of the arched roof. This way, the indoor air can be exchanged quickly and efficiently. On the other hand, the ventilator can be installed smoothly to reduce noise and simplify the roof. Drainage treatment.

· Lighting


There are currently two types of practices for daylighting in Corrugated metal roof panels.

One type is opened on the shell plate of the arched slot plate and replaced with a daylighting plate, which is often placed near the 1/4 span of the structure. Practice has shown that this practice has its limitations. First, the waterproofing and anti-corrosion performance of the lighting port is poor, which affects the durability of the structure. Second, it weakens the structural section and affects the structural safety, because it is in full-span load or half-span load. Under the action, the internal force of the structure near the 1/4 span is large, and the section is weakened, which will affect the overall stiffness and stability of the structure.

The other type is to set the overall lighting belt along the span direction. The arched roof on both sides of the lighting belt is reinforced and integrated into a whole. The lighting board is used to cover the lighting belt. The lighting panel is double-layered, hollow, and light transmittance. High, light weight and a certain strength and stiffness, with great spanning ability. This lighting method does not damage the structure, nor does it affect the durability of the structure, and the lighting effect is very good, but the construction of the house is complicated, and the waterproof treatment must be done well.

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