The surface of the color coated building is easily affected by weather, resulting in dust on the surface. Because of its complex shape and high distance from the ground, it is very difficult to clean and maintain. Many company leaders, in order to improve the company’s appearance, spare no expense in hiring professional cleaners for high-altitude cleaning, which will cost a lot of money, and high-altitude cleaning there is a risk of casualties and accidents. Haze is so serious that the air quality is low, and the surface of building materials is easier to be polluted. Is there such a material that can achieve self cleaning? Or reduce the frequency of manual cleaning?

As we mentioned earlier, color coated panels are now used in many buildings because of their outstanding performance, low cost and practicality. Color coating has such a special variety, will give oneself to wash the color coated board – self cleaning color coated board. Once it rains, it will rain once. Self cleaning color coated board is also made up of substrate, coating, chemical conversion layer, primer and top coat.

The difference between ordinary color steel plate and self-cleaning color steel plate

Self cleaning principle

Hydrophilic auxiliaries are enriched on the surface of the color coated sheet, and a dense film structure is formed on the top coat to prevent fouling. Let’s compare the difference between ordinary color plate and self cleaning color plate.

Stain resistance comparison

1. Ordinary color plate; the surface contaminants of ordinary color plate are easy to penetrate through small cracks on the surface, and can not be removed by conventional cleaning methods.

2. Self-cleaning color board; self-cleaning color board surface because there is a layer of cross-linking dense film, can effectively resist pollutants penetration into the film, while playing a role in protecting color board.

Hydrophilic property

1. Ordinary color board; Ordinary color board because it is hydrophobic surface, when the rain washed, there is no way to adhere to the surface of the color board to wash away the dirt.

2. Self-cleaning color board; self-cleaning color board has excellent hydrophilic surface, to ensure that the rainwater fully complementary development, scouring the surface of pollutants.

Kinds of topcoat

According to different environmental requirements, there are four kinds of commonly used coatings:

1. Self-cleaning polyester (PE)

2. Self cleaning silicone modified polyester (SMP)

3. Self cleaning, high weather resistant polyester (HDP)

4. Self cleaning fluorocarbon (PVDF)

The above four kinds of coatings are getting better and better from top to bottom, and the price is becoming more and more expensive.

Characteristics and Application

1. Excellent decorative properties.

2. Special finish design to achieve self cleaning function.

3. According to the different environment, there are many kinds of topcoat to choose from.

4. All kinds of medium high strength substrates + different coating combinations.

Now the haze is serious, the urban environment is polluted, since the clean color coated steel plate has become a good choice. Of course, protecting the environment is everyone’s responsibility. The earth is my home, and environmental protection depends on everyone.

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