The advantage of colored steel plate has been recognized and relied on by builders. In order to let more people understand the characteristics of colored steel plate introduced here, we hope to have a new understanding and understanding, so that more people can profit.

Color steel plate characteristics

1. High toughness

Many buildings choose veneer as roof material, veneer is formed by cold bending process, deformation capacity is strong, with compression and bending toughness, not easy to break, this toughness and steel structure can be combined with earthquake, snow load, can completely resist the ability of hail impact without damage.

2. Wind Resistance

It is light in weight, soft in plate so strong deformation ability, in the wind can ease resistance, not shake the entire building center stability, like a shield against the wind attack.

3. Convenience

The advantages of easy processing, easy transportation, easy molding, easy installation and other special convenience are favored by people, saving time is its outstanding advantage, more used in the scope of national disaster relief.

4. Durability

The anticorrosive coating of color steel plate is made up of many kinds of materials, which are completely anticorrosive and rust-proof. The high-efficiency radiation-proof paint can resist the transmission of sunlight, greatly improve the sun-proof performance, ensure its own life, generally can be used for more than ten years.

5. Energy-saving and environmental protection

Energy-saving and environmental protection is its obvious characteristics, is recognized by the state as a new type of environmental protection building materials, less amount of coverage, no pollution can be reused, to achieve recycling.

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