In general, you can choose according to the standard color of the factory, which can reduce the workload in the early stage of production. If special colors are needed, because the paint needs to be prepared in the paint factory first, and the various properties can meet the requirements before production, the production time from order to color plate will be longer. In addition to the major color systems of major factories, the main color system standard of the color steel industry is the German European standard color card (1927). The Chinese translation is: Raul color card (RAL K5, RAL K7, … ).

corrugated metal roofing sheets

Color plate color

1. Red: Crimson, crimson (Baosteel Crimson), high-gloss crimson, red, brick red, rust red, brown red, peach red, suede red, ruby ​​red, fluorocarbon red.

2. Orange yellow: orange, orange, orange (baosteel orange), beige, beige (baosteel beige), milk yellow, ivory yellow, medium yellow, lemon yellow (baosteel lemon yellow), earth yellow, camel yellow (baosteel camel yellow) ), Suede yellow.

3. Green: Cardamom green, bean green, deep bean green, deep bean green (baosteel deep bean green), lotus leaf green, broad leaf green, broad leaf green (baosteel broad leaf green), light green, bright green, deep green, dark green, suede green, HD-6013 fluorocarbon cardamom green 001.

4. Blue: Sea blue, sea blue, light blue, sky blue, sky blue (baosteel sky blue), porcelain blue, porcelain blue (baosteel porcelain blue), deep sky blue (baosteel deep sky blue), moonlight blue, fluorocarbon sea blue.

5. Metals: silver ash, silver ash (baosteel silver ash), fluorocarbon silver, gold pink.

6. Gray: gray, gray, light gray, medium gray, light gray, iron blue gray, camel gray, dark gray, fluorocarbon gray, fluorocarbon gray, fluorocarbon light gray, suede gray.

7. Brown black: carbon black, ink black, brown, black, suede black.

8. White series: white gray, white gray (baosteel white gray), white gray (gorgeous gray), ivory white (baosteel ivory white, milky white, milky white (baosteel milky white), magnolia white, emperor white, high light white, snow white, high light snow white, signal white , Moonlight white, pearly white, fluorocarbon white ash.

9. Back paint system: gray back, bud yellow back, steel white back (baosteel color), sky gray back (double coated polyester back), brown back (double coated polyester back).

The gloss of the coating surface measured with a 60 degree reflection angle, the larger the value, the higher the gloss. Generally, the color-coated board for home appliances has high gloss. The coating used on the building is medium or matt, ranging from 30 to 55. This is because the high-gloss coating is used to reflect the sunlight on the building and is dazzling. Indoors, it is easy to cause visual fatigue under the light at night.

Precautions for color coated steel plate design

Galvanized steel coil for roofing panels

Of course, the quality of the color-coated steel sheet mainly depends on the design of the color-coated steel sheet, but if the processing and installation equipment and methods are improper, it will also cause damage to the appearance and service life of the final product to varying degrees.


The good appearance and excellent performance of the color-coated steel sheet awakened the interest of architectural designers and homeowners in showing the roof. The roof no longer just needs to have design features to meet the functions of sheltering from wind and rain. The roof system made of color-coated panels can add the color of other architectural elements, and can obtain the effects brought by the wide-ranging changes of roof panel spokes and joints.

The slope of the roof of the color-coated board building is steep, with a typical value of 3:12 or even higher, which is good for the rapid drainage of rainwater. Roofs with small slopes are not easy to see. Generally, aluminized zinc light panels are used. For roofs with slopes less than 1/4: 12, it is more economical to use aluminized zinc light panels. Facts have proven that after 20 years of use, they still maintain excellent performance.

Color coated galvanized steel coil

Roof panels are usually placed on a frame instead of directly on the comb. The frame can be made of wood or steel. Paper or similar materials are usually placed between the roof slab and the part. The color-coated roof is designed to directly contact the roof structure. The roof slab is usually flat, and small longitudinal ribs can be used to improve strength and molding. Fasteners or concealed clips secure the steel plate to the frame, and the roof panels are stacked or welded together longitudinally.


Building panel manufacturers can provide color-painted wall panels of different shapes in a wide range, and the appearance and required building effects of wall panels in all areas of the wide front can be completely consistent. The high-quality painted steel plate can ensure the consistent color and appearance of the steel plate throughout the project.

Similarly, because the same materials can be used to minimize the connection and transfer technical problems, the parts that have a key impact on the overall design effect can use the same materials, colors and processing methods for large-area exterior parts.

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