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Nowadays, the use of color steel plates is becoming more and more popular. Color steel plates are also favored by many industries because of their characteristics. So, what do you need to prepare and how to install them before installing color steel plates?

Color steel plate preparation before installation

(1) The project manager and construction workers, material personnel, quality inspectors, etc. must have a comprehensive and detailed understanding of the drawings and engineering descriptions with the designers, and be aware of the overall project overview, and make good preparations before the construction team enters the site. Safety technology is at the bottom of the work.

(2) Calculation of engineering quantity, that is, according to the construction drawings, combined with the budget items, the unit quantity table of each construction project is counted, and the materials that need to be adjusted in the on-site construction are found out through analysis and comparison of the actual situation on the spot, and Make a record comparison and make corresponding local adjustments to the amount of construction materials.

(3) Formulate a material supply schedule, classify the relevant materials, specifications, material quality requirements and other relevant parameters, budget counts, etc., into the company’s materials department, and select materials suppliers and materials. Brand.

(4) Formulate a construction schedule, which is used to control the construction schedule and dispatch workers and materials. The schedule is arranged according to the workload of each construction project in the project period, and the time required to complete the project is scientifically arranged. Within the timetable.

(5) Conduct on-site survey before construction, understand the construction site environment, transportation and temporary facilities, etc. Check whether there is any error in the construction space and design drawings.

(6) After entering the site, the stacking position shall be arranged in advance, and shall not be relocated repeatedly, and the materials shall be labored and piled up. Inflammable and explosive materials, piled up at separate locations, fragile, moisture-prone, and easily soiled materials, should pay attention to the stacking method and take protective measures.

Color steel plate installation process

(1) Site verification

1. Position the device after initial processing on a clean floor. According to the equipment positioning and design drawings, position the partition wall to determine whether the site size conflicts with the paper size and equipment position;

2. Check the level of the ground on the site to see if the fluctuation is large, and whether it is necessary to level the whole of the bottom of the color steel plate wall.

(2) Installation requirements

1. Slot aluminum fixing: Before fixing the aluminum slot, the wire must be positioned first, the deviation should not exceed 5mm, the groove aluminum is fixed with M5x30 core aluminum rivet, indirect not exceeding 300mm, there must be double rivets at the door hole position, the interval is not more than 50mm ;

2. T-type lifting beam fixing: the lifting code is positioned along the position of the pay-off line, and the spacing is not more than 1.20m. When the T-shaped beam and the connecting color steel plate are fixed, it must be pressed with angle aluminum or angle iron, no gap is left, and the solid must be in the solid. Two color steel plates are connected above the seam;

3. Tuyere installation: The installation of the tuyere on the ceiling should be constructed according to the drawings, avoiding the T-beam. The row and return air outlets on the wall shall be installed 200mm away from the ground;

4. Appearance requirements: The overall installation of color steel plates should be straight and beautiful, and there should be no scratch marks. At the end, the protective film should be torn, the joints of the plates should be flat, the spacing of the joints should be 3-4mm, and the glue should be straight and straight. Have a gap;

5. The fixing between each top plate and the retaining plate must have three self-drilling screws. The connecting part between the supporting plate and the vertical plate is fixed by a pull stud on the upper and lower sides, and fixed at the side of construction, the joint of the plate must be vertical;

6. Door and window installation: The installation position and opening direction of the door and window are determined according to the requirements of the drawings. The single door should be placed on the same color steel plate as much as possible. The center line of the double door should be at the joint of the plate as much as possible so that the cut color steel plate can be used as the door panel, door and window. The profile connection needs to be tight, there must be no gaps, and the overall door turn retention size must be uniform;

7. Internal and external arc fixation: the connection with the color steel plate must be strict, the outer arc column is not connected, the inner arc connection point is not bad, the gap is strict.

Color steel plate installation precautions

1. Pay special attention to the details of the wall panel installation. First, transport the wall panel to the vicinity of the installation point with the pallet truck. Use the suction cup to erect the metal plate and the lower end on the skirting board. The two sides of the lining plate are close to the vertical keel, one side and the other. A wallboard with a spacing of 12mm is fixed on the fixed part, and is fixed on the vertical keel with self-tapping screws. The fixed spacing is between 300mm and 400mm. When assembling, pay attention to horizontal and vertical. When a wallboard needs to be cut, it must be Measured by size, cut and trimmed in the correct way, mounted on the wall.

2. The corner of the wall corner is treated by the “U” type angled edge strip.

3. In order to achieve the overall effect of beautiful and generous, corners and columns can be customized by the factory-made fixed-length color steel plate.

4. The corners of the wall are professionally trimmed with the same color, so that the corners are consistent with the wall. The charm of life comes from its diversity, and each person’s different understanding also gives it a rich color. It is warm or peaceful, it is still quiet, everything is in the small box made of masonry.

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