Color steel plate is popular because it has many advantages and uses, its wide application makes people have to pay attention to the market demand and changes, looking forward to more prominent advantages in performance, more applications. Different series and different uses show that its own structure is different, there are many kinds of coatings from the type, each coatings play a completely different role, which can be seen that the characteristics and scope of application of coatings are related.
1. Colorful series
Coating materials: ordinary polyester (PE) or high performance polyester (HDP).
Quality assurance: the general climate and environmental protection period is 7 years, 15 years.
Features: rich color, bright economy: strong processing adaptability: good corrosion resistance and weatherability.
Scope of application: economical industrial factory building, the requirement of anti color is not high.
2. Lite series
Coatings materials: Coatings selection range is relatively large, including high-performance polyester (HDP) or silicon modified polyester (SMP) and other coatings can do quality assurance: the general climate and environmental quality assurance life of 10-20 years.
Features: colorful, economic, processing adaptability, corrosion resistance, good weather resistance.
Scope of application: industrial buildings with high requirements for weather resistance.
3. Distant series
Coatings: The selection of coatings is relatively wide, including high-performance polyester (HDP), silicon modified polyester (SMP), fluorocarbon (PVDF), ultra-weather-resistant polyester (SDP), all coatings can be done.
Warranty: general climate and environmental quality: 15-40 years.
Features: relatively few kinds of colors; high cost performance, strong processing adaptability and corrosion resistance: excellent corrosion resistance.
Scope of application: landmark buildings that maintain beautiful appearance for a long time.
4. Special appearance series
Coating materials: special polyester, including printing coatings, reticulated coatings, pearl colorful coatings, metal effect coatings, etc.
Product Types: Printed board (imitation of rock patterns, imitation of wood patterns, imitation of bronze patterns, etc.), pearlescent color board, metal effect board, flannel board, reticulated board, embossing board, etc.
Features: it can provide various lines and effects, excellent processing performance and hardness, and strong decoration. It has a variety of metal color, gloss, lines or colors, and copies various patterns and texture effects of the building board.
Scope of application; dedicated to decorative roof panels or wall panels.
5. Special function series
Coating materials: USDA coatings, antibacterial coatings, antistatic coatings, heat reflective coatings, two-component self-cleaning coatings, etc.
Product Category: USDA Cleaning Board (in accordance with USDA’s relevant specifications, short-term contact with food environment), self-cleaning board (self-cleaning, water-saving, cost-saving maintenance), antistatic board (in the paint film life of the continuous and effective reduction of static electricity accumulation), heat reflector board (high sunlight reflectance, saving refrigeration) Reduce consumption), antibacterial plate (inhibit or kill common therapeutic microorganisms).
Characteristics: suitable for special requirements of the environment.
Scope of application: environment with high hygienic requirements, hospital lithium room, green food storage interior wall, laboratory, purification room, electronic workshop, clean room, etc. There are more dust or other pollution particles in the air and more rain.
6. Home appliances panel series
Coating materials: special paint for household appliances.
Features: high cleanliness, high gloss and excellent processing performance.
Scope of application: Side and back panel of refrigerator, washing machine, air conditioner, LCD TV, microwave oven, water heater and other products.

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