Color steel plates have been widely used in many fields such as industry, civil, home appliances, and machinery since the mid-to-late 1980s. Gradually replaced a variety of carbon, chemical fiber and other materials. At the same time, the color steel plate also encountered many, many problems during use. For example: what kind of board is used in what environment, what brand of board is used, the main and most often encountered problem is how many years can I buy the board!

The color steel plate is from the date of manufacture until the used building or product is dismantled, ending the use of the color steel plate. Some color breeze boards have been used for only a few months, and have been used for several years, decades, or even longer. But what causes the uneven usage time of the color steel plate? The reasons are positive and diverse. Below we make an analysis of several important factors that affect the use time of color steel plates.

First, the choice of color steel coil brand

Before the color steel plate was formed, it was also called color coated coil, color steel coil, color coated plate, color steel plate and other names. The quality and material of color steel coils produced by each factory (brand) are different, which is also the primary factor that affects the use time of color steel plates. The brand of color steel coil is first divided into two categories, large steel mills and small steel mills. In domestic large steel plants, Shanghai Baosteel, Baosteel Yellowstone, Taiwan Huihui (Huihui China), BHP BlueScope, United Iron & Steel, Maanshan Iron and Steel and other domestic first-class steel mills. The sales prices of color coated coils in large steel mills are generally higher than ordinary steel mills. It is for this reason that large steel mills have sufficient costs to improve the quality of color steel coils and make them better. Let color plates last longer.

Color steel plates have been used for more than 10 years. But it really has to reach the useful life of 10 years. It still depends on the material and quality. In order to achieve a service life of more than 10 years, first, the base plate of the color steel plate must reach a certain weight (80-100 grams of galvanized, 70-100 grams of aluminized zinc), and secondly, the oil film thickness must reach 18um -25um, reverse 8-15um. To achieve the above two materials, only large steel mills can do it. Small steel mills can’t do it. Even if they can do it, his price is not low. In this way, the sales advantage of small steel mills is lost.

Second, the material of color steel coil

If you want to use your color steel plate for a long time, choose a big brand, and then choose a good material. As mentioned above, only large steel mills can make high-quality and high-quality color coated rolls. And how do we choose the best among the high-quality materials? Nothing more than two, substrate and topcoat. Domestic large steel mills generally have zinc coatings on the substrate. Double-sided galvanization is 100 g / square, galvanized 120 g / square, galvanized 140 g / square, galvanized 180 g / square, and galvanized 280 g / square. If you want to use it better, use a color steel coil with aluminized zinc substrate. Large steel plants with aluminized zinc coating have 70g / m2 galvanized zinc, 100g / m2 galvanized zinc, 150g / m2 galvanized zinc, 165g / m2 galvanized zinc, 180g / m2 galvanized zinc , Galvanized 200 g / sq., Up to 220 g / sq.

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What needs to be explained here is that the use time of 70 grams of aluminized zinc at some times even exceeds the use time of 140 grams / square galvanized.

Secondly, there is the problem of the topcoat of the color-coated board. The topcoat of the color-coated board is divided into the type of topcoat, the thickness of the topcoat, and the baking time. The types of topcoat can be divided into: ordinary PE polyester topcoat (for general use), PVDF fluorocarbon resin topcoat (for chemical use), SMP polyester topcoat (for temperature and abrasion resistance), HDP high weathering resin surface Paint (for external use in marine climate environment), HPC self-cleaning top coat (for dust pollution), antibacterial polyester top coat (for medical clean environment).

In addition to the type of topcoat, it is the thickness of the topcoat. Regardless of the type of topcoat, in order to meet the quality requirements, a certain thickness of the film must be achieved. For large steel plants, the front paint is generally 18-25um, and the reverse paint is generally 8 -15um. Just like people wear clothes, only when the thickness of the top coat is made enough can it fully resist the erosion of the external environment. Once again, it is the baking time. When the type of topcoat is good and the film thickness of the topcoat is reached, if the baking time is not enough, the topcoat will be easily powdered and peeled off. Ovens in large steel plants are generally 50-200 meters longer than small plants.

Third, molding methods and equipment

Many customers send the colored steel coils to the processing plant, and the paint will fall off as soon as the press is formed, or the paint surface will be surrounded by flowers. This is usually the wrong pressing method, or the baking time of the steel coil is not enough. On the equipment, some equipment is poor, and there are a lot of burrs on the roller.

Fourth, installation method

In many projects, when the color steel plate is installed, workers accidentally scratch the top paint with sharp tools, or when the steel plate is cut with different sizes, red hot cutting iron filings fall on the top paint, causing the top paint to burn. damage. The finish of the color steel plate itself is a whole. If local scratches or burns occur, red rust, perforations will appear on the surface, and finally a large area of ​​rust will leak. There is also an unavoidable rivet. The rivet will definitely penetrate the steel plate, so that the colored steel plate will show the cut surface, and the rain will flow to form rust.

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Fifth, maintenance methods

There are many projects that use good color plates from Dagang, but after the production is completed, they are never managed and maintained. Of course, this is one of the reasons that affects the service life. After installation of the color steel plate, regular cleaning and maintenance are required. Derusting and lacquering should be carried out where rust spots appear locally. The powdering and lacquering treatment is performed on the partially powdered area. Cover in exposed areas.

Sixth, the use environment

The use of color steel plates with different material properties under the previous question in different environments can better extend the use time of color steel plates. Outside the ordinary environment, generally use ordinary PE polyester coated board in color coated rolls. For different environments, different types of color steel coils can be used for more effective prevention and thus reach a certain useful life. The environments that affect the service life of color steel plates generally include the following.

1. Applicable environment. The so-called applicable environment is what your factory will do after it is completed. For example, some factories are used to stack or produce chemical products after the completion of construction. The general color steel plate is definitely not acceptable. It is necessary to use PVDF fluorocarbon color coated plate and the substrate must be more than 150 grams of aluminum zinc plating. Extend the corresponding use time.

2. Climate environment (region). For the climate environment, it is okay for inland areas and flat ones. If you encounter elephants, some are coastal areas (large air humidity), and some are north of the equator (such as Xinjiang is dry all year round). Some are remote mountainous areas (high fog). If the color steel plate is used all year round in such a harsh climate, and the material is not used properly, the color steel plate will soon crack, powder, and peel off. It is recommended to use high weather-resistant color steel plate for such unstable and harsh regions.

3. The industrial environment, the so-called industrial environment, is the surrounding environment other than your own environment. If your plant is used for general stacking or production, there is no other chemical or corrosive things, but there are many heavy industries around you, like chemical plants, or steel or oil refineries, then they will affect the entire area Emission of pollutants, a lot of malignant particle pollution will fly to your plant, causing acid rain for a long time. If your plant is in such a heavy industry polluted area, then you have to consider your plant The selection of materials.

Seventh, storage time and method

Some customers have not used the color steel coils after they bought them back. It took two or three years or even more time to open them for use, and they found that the whole piece of paint cracked or cracked after a press. This situation can only indicate that your storage time is too long, or your storage method is incorrect.

The color steel plate is not afraid of being covered on the roof or wall by wind and rain all the year round, but the whole volume is parked there and wrapped. Because the color steel plate is baked, as soon as it is not ventilated, the painted surface will be damp or sweaty. After a long time, the paint will fall off. The correct storage method for color steel plates is that they should be stored in an indoor warehouse without water at a high place and underneath with wooden boards. And keep dry and ventilated.

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