The friends who are engaged in the color board industry know that the predecessor of color board is galvanized sheet, or aluminized zinc sheet, after double coating and double baking, it becomes coil. The overall production sequence is clear, but the term “it” is not very well understood. About colored steel, colored paint, colored steel tile, there are many people do not understand the difference, the following to everybody popular science.

1. What is a color-coated board

First of all, from the text can be seen, as long as the plate with color coating, can be called “color-coated board”. For example, colored aluminium board, printing board, camouflage board, color-coated embossed board and so on, are part of the color-coated board, the name represents a wide range.

2. What is color steel plate

Refers to cold-rolled, hot-dip galvanized as color substrate, plus organic coating formed by the plate called “color steel plate”. Composite processing can be divided into rock wool color steel plate, foam color steel plate, profiled color steel plate, is widely used in movable rooms, cold storage plate, steel structure of the roof and wall.

3. What is colored steel tiles

Industry also known as colored steel profiled plate, colored steel veneer, the predecessor is colored steel, after the tile press formed into colored steel tiles, mainly for housing and engineering roof use. Among them, the common tile type is T shape tile, angle tile, arc tile, wave tile, glazed tile. Color, thickness, wave number, effective width and expansion width are the most basic reference ranges of color steel tile.

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