In the production of color-coated steel plates, in order to meet the needs of different use occasions, the materials are divided into many types, such as hot-dip aluminum-zinc color-coated steel plates, cold-rolled substrate color-coated steel plates, electro-galvanized color-coated steel plates, etc. What are the differences?

1. Cold-rolled substrate color coated steel plate

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Color plates produced from cold-rolled substrates have a smooth and beautiful appearance, and have the processing performance of cold-rolled plates; however, any small scratches on the surface coating will make the cold-rolled bases, buildings or factories made of printed color coated steel plates , Often has a long service life when washed by rain, otherwise, it will be affected by the use of sulfur dioxide gas, salt and dust. Therefore, when designing, the greater the inclination of the roof, the less likely it is to accumulate dust and other dirt, and the longer the service life; those areas or parts that are not frequently washed by rain should be washed regularly with water. The board is exposed to the air, so that red rust is quickly generated at the exposed iron. Therefore, such products can only be used for temporary isolation measures that are not demanding and used as interior materials.

2. Hot-dip galvanized color coated steel plate

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According to the requirements, hot-dip aluminum-zinc steel plates can also be used as color-coated substrates (55% AI-Zn and 5% AI-Zn). The color-coated steel plates have light weight, beautiful appearance and good corrosion resistance, and can be directly processed. Provides a new type of raw materials for the construction industry, shipbuilding industry, vehicle manufacturing industry, furniture industry, electrical industry, etc., which has a good effect of replacing wood with steel, saving energy, preventing pollution, etc., using galvanized steel plate as the color printing color of the substrate In addition to zinc protection, the coated steel plate has an organic coating on the zinc layer to protect the steel plate from rusting and has a longer service life than the galvanized steel plate.

3. Electro-galvanized color coated steel plate

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Using electro-galvanized sheet as the substrate, the product obtained by baking with organic coating is electro-galvanized color coated steel sheet. Due to the thin zinc layer of electro-galvanized sheet, the zinc content is usually 20 / 20g / m2. Steel plate, color plate. Color-coated steel plate is a product made of cold-rolled steel plate and galvanized steel plate as the substrate, after surface pretreatment, coating with a continuous method (roller coating method), baking and cooling.

Each color-coated steel plate product of different materials has its own advantages and uses. When users buy products, they should first clearly understand their actual needs, so that when they buy products, they can provide manufacturers with accurate data to recommend products. .

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